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“Bringing light to challenging topics.”

Meet Theresa

Certified Mindfulness Teacher

Theresa B. Skaar, Ph.D., is a lifetime learner, mindfulness teacher, lecturer, and researcher. Theresa received her meditation training through UMASS Center for Mindfulness and is a Qualified MBSR Instructor. 


What I Specialize In






“Mindful Meditation does not eliminate
the challenges of life. With practice,
it shifts how we relate to them.” 

“I now have a clearer understanding of how to intersect mindfulness

and grieving. Gained some

new ways to explain

mindfulness to others.” 

- Workshop Participant

“When you meet Theresa it is easy to see that she practices what she teaches. I witnessed her insight and thoughtfulness as a classmate. Her passion and compassion as a teacher and her wisdom, courage, and strength as a retreat guide. Your life will be enriched for having known her.”   

- JB Balmut, Retreat Participant 

“Theresa is an excellent listener, who is compassionate, kind, and funny. She asks thoughtful questions that take me to a deeper level. She makes me feel like I’ve been seen because she is genuinely interested in my story.” 

- Heather Haslem, Co-facilitator

Guided Meditations

Check out the latest session:

Finding Your Feet - Meditation

Guided by Theresa, this meditation can be used any time you are feeling anxious, worried, or caught in a habitual mental pattern. Bringing your attention to your feet allows you to bring your attention into the present moment. 

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