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Classes with Theresa provide an opportunity to explore topics in more detail allowing participants to engage in both experiential and informational learning. Theresa provides in-person and online courses and workshops on a variety of topics. 

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5 Steps to Ease Stress w/ Mindful Meditation

Have you ever experienced stress? This self-paced Skillshare course will teach you basic meditation and mindfulness practices that you can incorporate into your life. Learn simple practices that you can start using immediately. These practices will not take away the stress or challenges in your life,

but they will shift how you respond to life’s stressors.

No prior experience with meditation or mindfulness is needed. In this class, you will learn formal and informal mediation techniques. Watch the intro video to learn more.

Mindfulness can be applied to any activity!

  • Walking

  • Talking

  • Eating

  • Creating

  • Communication 

CMBM - Mind Body Skills

Course details coming soon.

Stay Tuned
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